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February 13, 2022 Reading time: ~1

Episode length 1:28

In October of 1962 Americans were scared of the Soviet Union.

But Cuban citizens were scared of their own country and fled for the United States, including my mother.

Most Cubans thought they would be gone for a few months, maybe even a year. Instead, some never returned. 56 years later my mother did go back, as a visitor, and I joined her.

This is the story of that trip.

A story of rediscovering home and one family's history, including so, so many surprises.

This is a personal story, but also includes tie-ins to Afro-Cubanism and SanterĂ­as, as it weaves itself in and out of our story.

Join me and this Daughter of Cuba on our adventure in this limited series podcast.


A limited series podcast about a Cuban mother and her son visiting her past, 56 years later.